Abbie Harris

Naturopath – Nutritionist – Product Developer

Abbie is a veteran product developer, formulator and project manager. This experience is supported by a passion and drive for the wellness industry, academic qualifications as an Australian-trained Naturopath and Bachelor of Health Sciences. She has held management positions in small and large healthcare companies, leading product development teams to launch products across leading dosage forms, health categories, markets and regulatory systems.

Today, Abbie is in high demand as a specialist product development consultant. She travels the globe to source the most effective supplement ingredients and is at the forefront of scientific research on natural healthcare. She is a regular at top international trade shows and educational events.

Having worked with BondiBoost since launching, Abbie collaborates with clinical, scientific and regulatory experts and is esteemed for her thorough approach to deliver effective, progressive and reliable products. Abbie has a deep understanding of nutrition and lifestyle medicine and how they can be utilised to look and feel your best.