2020 Haircut Trend: the “Soft Blunt” Bob

There’s no dispute; last year was the year of the Bob. From the runways of Paris to the grids of Instagram, it seemed like every other gal was snipping off her locks in replacement for a shorter ‘do’.

So what was to happen to this killer trend going into the new year? Well, coinciding with the infamous quote; “Why change a good thing going”, this year we’ve seen the bob-trend continued (just with a little re-vamp); introducing the Soft Blunt.

Ahhhh, the Soft Blunt. Oozing with the familiar #girlboss we’ve all come to know and love from its predecessor, think of the ‘Soft Blunt’ as the Bob’s edgier cousin. So effortlessly undone yet put together all at the same time.

Not as entirely symmetrical or ‘harsh’, like your typical Bob, the Soft Blunt is perfectly ‘piece-y’ and ‘choppy’ without being overly messy or chaotic.

However, if you want to take a piece of this pie and try a Soft Blunt out for yourself, you’ll need to have the right styling tools. This look works best sans split ends (we mean, what look does), so investing in a daily serum/ treatment to target these problem areas is a must!

The BondiBoost Rapid Repair Serum is the ultimate daily treatment for hair that needs an extra #boost of nutrients. Highly concentrated with hair-loving ingredients, when used regularly, cuticles are sealed and split ends repaired by up to 90%. What’s more, your hair’s end diameter appears thicker, visibly fuller and healthier; a total must when trying out the Soft Blunt Look! 

Pssst! If a soft blunt isn’t your thing, check out our other predicted 2020 hair trend “Living on the Fringe”.

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