Are you using the right hairbrush?

Are you using the right hairbrush? It’s a strange question you’ve probably never thought to ask yourself; but trust us, it’s definitely worth looking into. Every hair type thrives with a different kind of hairbrush and brushing technique. Using the wrong tool, while not seeming like a big deal in the moment, can actually end up doing long-term damage to those locks (and we defs don’t want that)! 

Keep reading as we break down what hairbrush is best suited for different hair types.  


Curly Hair:

For the girls with curls, your best hairbrush option is a wide-toothed comb. The wide teeth mimic finger combing, maintaining those beautiful ringlets and minimizing frizz. 

TOP TIP: Always comb curls while wet, before washing out conditioner, and never when dry. Any curly-haired gal can relate to the frizzy poof of hair that occurs when you try to comb or brush a dry head of curls; #notavibe!

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Chemically-treated, colored or bleached hair:

If your locks apply to any of these three categories, chances are they’re a little more sensitive or brittle than their former (natural) selves. Your best go-to in terms of hairbrush options is a soft-bristled, paddle brush. These types of brushes are fantastic at removing knots gently with as little abrasion or pulling as possible. 

TOP TIP: Start brushing hair from the bottom of your strands, slowly making your way up the hair shaft. This technique will minimize pulling at the roots, helping prevent unnecessary hair loss and breakage. 

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Afro Hair (4a, 4b, 4c): 

These types of hair are particularly tricky and require one of two brushes, dependent on the way you are looking to style your hair. 

A rat tail comb is the perfect tool for gently lifting and separating hair into sections when braiding or weaving (and also for styling your hair). However, rat tail combs are not suitable for combing natural afro hair, as the teeth of the comb are too fine and may cause breakage.

Afro combs are your go-to comb for any lady looking to rock her natural hair, whether it’s styled as an afro or not. Afro combs help to loosen up tangles while avoiding frizz (they’re also great for fluffing out your afro). 


Straight hair: 

Lucky for you straighty 180-haired beauties, your hair type is the easiest and most relaxed in terms of brush options. Any high-quality, paddle brush will be your best option to detangle knots and evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils down the hair shaft. 

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