#BOOST up the Beat! | BB’s Spotify Playlist

Forget Friday nights, the #BOOST Squad hits the clurrrrbbbbb Every. Damn. Night!

Ok, it’s our showers, but with a shower playlist this epic, it’s definitely hard to tell.

With pitch-defying ballads and iconic belters, the BB team drop some serious tunes while getting our hair scrub on!

CLICK HERE to check out BondiBoost’s raging shower playlist and start 'singing in the shower'! 



Jam to these epic tunes while using our must-have shower goodies!

 Make those tunes last as long as possible with a pre-shower treatment. 


Our Elixir Oil is a must for frizzy, dry, damaged and thirsty hair. Leaving hair smooth and shiny, this luxurious, organic pre-shower treatment delivers an absolute wrecking ball of nutrient-rich oils we know your head will love!

Hit a high-note when using our Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner.

This dynamic duo perfectly harmonises by banishing grime, conditioning the scalp and leaving locks shining bright like a diamond.



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