Get the trend: Mermaid hair (heat-free)!

Mermaid hair is all the rage lately! Luscious, flowing locks; perfectly waved and effortlessly tousled. Sounds like an absolute dream right! The good news is that this #trend is easier than you would think to achieve. What’s more, it can be created without heat! Keep reading to find out how. 


Heat-free Mermaid Locks

Step 1. Comb through clean hair and remove all knots. 

Step 2. Take your BondiBoost Sea Salt Texture Spray and spritz liberally throughout hair. 

Step 3. Scrunch hair with fingers to create a ‘wavy’ effect. 

Step 4. Let product sink in for a few minutes.

Step 5. Take the BondiBoost Sea Salt Texture Spray again, this time just concentrating on the roots of the hair. 

Step 6. Rough up/scrunch roots (This step will add extra volume to the roots). 

Step 7. Pop in your favourite ‘shell-inspired’ hair clip for the final mermaid touch. 

How easy was that! Majestic, effortless, beach babe hair in a flash!

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  • Barb Vezakis

    Only with wet hair? Or can you use the sea salt spray on dry hair? I’m assuming just wet.

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