How to wash curly hair (and how often you should do it)!

Ok, ok, this blog is all about girls with curls. Those kinky coils, while #stunning, are hard work to upkeep! From tangling and knotting to poofing when brushed, it often seems like your locks can have a mind of their own; even washing your hair needs to follow a new set of rules! 

Yep, you read correctly; there is a right and a wrong way to wash curly hair. So #boostbabes, are you ready for a lesson in curly hair shower etiquette? Keep reading! 


1. Frequency between cleans 

How often should you wash and clean those gorgeous curls of yours? Well, our bouncy-locked beauties, less is definitely more in your case! 

Unlike your straighty-180-haired friends, curly hair is often much drier in texture. The natural sebum (oil) produced by your scalp finds it hard to reach the end of your strands. Therefore if you cleanse your head too much, the little natural oil you already struggle to maintain can be stripped even further. 

It’s not all bad news, though! Because the oil doesn’t travel down the hair as easily as it does on straight hair, it takes longer until hair looks “dirty.” If it takes longer for your hair to get oily, then obviously it can go longer without a wash.

Cleansing with shampoo and conditioner is only necessary once a week (2 times max). This still allows for your scalp and roots to be cleaned while not removing too much natural oil from your hair. 


2. Free from…

We’ve established that curly hair is drier than other types of hair, so it’s only common sense that you wouldn’t use any products with ingredients that could exacerbate this issue further, right? 

Ensure that the products you are using to wash and style your curls are free from silicones, sulfates, parabens and drying alcohols (like, ahem, ours). These ingredients, while effectively clean strands, also strip hair dry of all other vital nutrients and natural oils; a process your poor curls definitely can’t afford to lose! 


3. Boosted Shampoo & Conditioner

Curly babes, regular conventional shampoo and conditioners are not your friends; #soznotsoz. Besides, your precious locks deserve more! Make sure you’re cleansing products have added natural oils to really up the moisture game of your locks. 

Our go-to natural oils are Jojoba oil and Coconut oil as they are lightweight and easily absorbed into the scalp. This means that while effectively moisturising your scalp and locks, they won’t weigh down your curls. 


4. Brush your hair in the shower (ONLY!)

Are you always stuck in the internal battle between brushing your mane (who wants tangled hair) and living a life full of frizz! Babe, there’s a way to have your cake and eat it to… you just need to brush your hair in the shower. 

Once you’ve run conditioner through your hair, grab a wide-toothed comb and brush those strands. Not only will the conditioner help you easily untangle your curls (reducing breakage and damage), you’ll also eliminate the frizz component from your hair. Wash the product out of your strands and let them air dry naturally. There’s absolutely no need to brush your hair again when dry as its’ already knot-free and perfectly curled. 


5. After shower styling 

Now you know how to wash your curly hair correctly, it’s about time to learn how to style those locks and let your natural bounce shin. Invest in a ‘curl-specific’ styling cream that you can leave-in and is lightweight. Creams like these should also harness the powers of easily absorbed, natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Coconut Oil, to define unruly curls without weighing down your hair.

Styling creams should be applied to clean, damp curls from root to tip. Scrunch and twirl throughout locks for defined, frizz-free curls. Dry natural or blow-dry with a diffuser for added volume and curl definition.

So there you have it (curly-haired) #boostbabes, everything you need to know before your next steamy date with the shower. Let’s keep the convo going in the comments below and share the #curlyhair love. Comment below your top tips for curly-haired beauties, we’d love to know! 

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