Should Men Invest in Hair Care?

Now we know we’re a little female-skewed for the majority of the time on the BB Blog, but today is all about the men! Yep, you heard right. Grab your brother, son, husband, friend or partner and keep reading. We’re about to spill all there is to know about men’s hair and why they need to take just as much interest in its health as women do. 

First of all, let’s start by clearing the air. There is no differentiation between the chemical compounds of men and women’s hair (on their head at least). That alone should be enough to help you understand the high importance men should have in investing in the quality of the products they use on their head. With the same type of hair, their scalps need all the same vital nutrients, vitamins and ingredients to remain strong, healthy and radiant. 

However, there is one significant difference when looking at men and women’s hair. Yes, we’re talking about a topic that is arguably one of the most feared physical effects of ‘ageing and hair’ in men; hair loss/balding. 
Statistics show that men are much more likely to experience hair loss at some point in their lives than women are. In fact, the statistic for permanent hair loss between genders currently stands at 70% for men and 40% for women - that’s quite a difference! 

Why is hair loss in men more common than women? 
The most common reason for permanent hair loss is a chemical (created naturally by the body) called DHT. DHT is a by-product of testosterone that shrinks hair follicles and makes it hard for them to live. Because men are continuously producing testosterone throughout their lives, they are also continually making DHT. Put these two factors together, and it is easy to see why men are a lot more likely to lose their hair than women. 

Treatments to reverse and minimise hair loss/thinning in men:

1. Derma Rolling 

Also known as micro-needling, the process can be used to reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. When in use, the miniature needles in a derma roller create ‘micro-injuries’ in the skin and hair follicles. When these micro-injuries are being repaired, the body automatically increases collagen and stimulates new cell production. All of these bodily processes encourage the growth of new hair.

2. Hair Loss/Growth Supplements 

More is more, especially when it comes to targeted hair growth. Adding hair growth supplements into your hair care routine is a great addition to aid with hair growth goals. Jam-packed with hair-loving vitamins and nutrients, supplements are an easy way to ensure you are giving hair the best chance possible to grow, grow grow! 

3. Hair Growth Shampoo/Conditioners

Another easy but effective solution men can try to help reduce the appearance of hair loss is to invest in shampoo and conditioners that are formulated to induce hair growth. Now, not to toot our own horn (toot toot), but the BondiBoost HG Shampoo and Conditioner include hero ingredients, stinging nettle and rosemary oil, known for their amazing hair growing properties. 

Stinging nettle is a great ingredient to look out for when purchasing growth-targeted hair care products. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, stinging nettle leaves are rich in silica and sulphur. Silica and sulphur help make hair shinier and healthier, promoting rapid hair re-growth. 

Rosemary oil is also a ‘wonder product’ in the hair department, promoting cellular generation. In simple terms, it forces new cells to grow, promoting longer hair and thicker strands. 


PROCAPIL®? Never heard of that ingredient before? Don’t worry; we thought you might say that! Clinical studies indicate that the patented PROCAPIL® ingredient is a powerful moderator in anti-
 hair loss due to its anchoring abilities in the scalp. PROCAPIL® has shown to slow hair loss and improve the health of hair follicles. 

Pssst! We know you want to get some of that PROCAPIL® action! Lucky for you (and your hair), BondiBoost has the patented ‘PROCAPIL®’ ingredient all to ourselves, and we want to share with you! Our PROCAPIL® Hair Tonic and PROCAPIL® Booster Mask (specially formulated for men), uses this ‘super’ ingredient to stimulate hair growth and slow down hair loss effectively. 

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