The one item that should never leave your gym bag!

Kettlebells have been swung, treadmills have been run. You’ve just smashed out a #killer ‘sweat sesh’, and can feel those endorphins totally pumping; you’re a machine! But before you leave the gym, there’s still one item of business to attend to, and that’s your greasy, sweaty head of hair! 

Yep, those glossy locks aren’t really the type of 'shine' we’re talking about when we aim for lustrous locks. This type of situation calls for one product and one product only; Dry Shampoo. This bad boy is the one item that should never leave your gym bag! 

What is Dry Shampoo? 

Dry Shampoo is a type of powdered shampoo which reduces hair greasiness without the need for water. When applied to areas of grease, the powder absorbs oils, giving the hair a ‘fresher’ appearance. 

Sounds great! Is there even a need for regular shampoo then? 

Absolutely! Dry Shampoo is a fantastic product if you’re in a pinch for time, (or just finished at the gym), but it certainly doesn’t replace your regular shampoo and conditioner! The absorbed oils and powders still remain in the scalp, so while the hair may appear clean by sight, it hasn’t actually been cleansed.

How do you apply dry shampoo? 

Spray powder directly onto hair along sectioned roots as needed. Wait a few minutes, then comb or tousle through (easy-peasy)! 

What should I look out for before investing in Dry Shampoo?

Just like all hair products, not all dry shampoos are created equally. Case in point: many conventional dry shampoo brands leave hair looking like you’ve raided the local costume store and popped on a white wig! Yep, many dry shampoos are an unflattering shade of white due to the un-natural, cheap ingredients used. 

A better option? Choose a dry shampoo product (like, ahem, ours) that uses Bamboo Powder, spraying a more nude shade; much less detectable on most hair colours.

It’s worthing finding a dry shampoo free from sulphates and parabens too (again, like, ahem, ours)! Seeing as dry shampoo is designed to essentially ‘sink into the scalp’, you definitely don’t want these nasties anywhere near your head, especially after a sweaty gym-sesh where your pores are open as ever!

So there you have it #boostbabes, the number one product that should NEVER. EVER. EVER, leave your gym bag. Seriously, sweaty, greasy hair is #notavibe and shouldn’t be anywhere near a #fitspo like yourself!

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