The Original Woman Crush | Steal Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic Look

Ever since Jennifer Aniston’s big break on the American hit sitcom, Friends, hundreds of women around the world have requested her signature hairstyle at their salon appointments.

Jen’s iconic locks have put ‘bronde’ (brunette + blonde) on the map, and are arguably one of her most recognisable features. Trust us; if our hair looks this good at 60 you won’t hear a peep from the #bondiboost squad! 

Keep reading as we take you through Ms Aniston’s #killer hair, teaching you how to “Hack Her Style”! 

1. Healthy, strong locks 

We don’t think anyone has ever looked at a picture of Jennifer Aniston and said: “her hair looks dead”. If they did, we’d send them straight to Specsavers; there’s no denying her locks are in A+ condition. 

Investing in quality shampoo and conditioners is the fundamental, first step to improving your hair’s overall appearance and health. Always try and opt to buy shampoo/conditioners that are free from sulfates, parabens and silicones. These ingredients are bad news for your hair and don’t do any favours in creating long-term hair health. (Read our ‘Hair sins that aren’t forgiving’ post to learn more about these nasties). 

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2. Treat the ‘onde’ part of your ‘bronde’ 

If you’re really going for a complete replica of Jen’s look, you can’t forgo her signature colour. Jen’s hair is the perfect mix between blonde/brunette, something we like to call ‘bronde’. 

The only downside to this hair colour is that there isn’t shampoo and conditioner made specifically for this hue. If you’re blonde you know to use purple pigmented products, but what about bronde? 

That’s where a purple hair mask comes in perfectly. This type of product doesn’t need to replace your usual hair cleaning routine and can be used ‘ad hoc’ when the blonde in your locks needs a little refresh. 

3. Shine BRIGHT like a diamond 

Jen’s hair is remarkably lustrous and shiny; like, it’s almost too good to be true. But honestly, even in pap pictures, we are completely gobsmacked at how glossy her locks are (confirming our strong belief she is a true goddess). 

To achieve a glow as radiant as Jennifers, we recommend using a pre-shower treatment, jam-packed with natural, essential oils to really hydrate and moisturise hair follicles. These products add a concentrated shot of nutrients that are readily absorbed by the scalp; not only helping to achieve beaming locks but also adding tensile strength and manageability. 

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