Thinking about getting lip filler for the first time? Read this now!

“Getting work done” is no longer the secret it once was. It almost seems like it’s harder to find an ‘insta-influencer’ who hasn’t had work done as opposed to someone who has. From botox to eyebrow tattoos, the ‘micro’ cosmetic procedures are increasing by the day (ok, not really but almost)! However, if you go through the long list of face-enhancing treatments, the most popular by far is lip fillers

Yes, it’s true. Many of the plump pouts you’ll see today are proudly brought to you by ‘Lip Filler’. Ever heard of a little (rather hugely famous), Kylie Jenner? Yep, she’s a lip filler fanatic; many would even go as far to say ‘The Founding Mother of Filler’.  

But what exactly is lip filler?

Lip filler is the process of injecting (via needle) filler, usually collagen or hyaluronic acid, into the lip, to increase volume and size. 

Are there any risks in getting lip filler?

Like all medical procedures, there are indeed risks involved with the procedure. The top risks of lip filler include:

  • Severe and prolonged swelling or bruising lasting one week to 10 days.
  • Lumps and irregularities in the lips.
  • Infection.
  • Injection into a blood vessel, causing tissue loss.
  • Ulceration, scarring, or stiffening of the lip.
  • Allergic reactions. 
  • Botched jobs.
  • Non-symmetrical lips.
  • Cold Sores (if prone).
  • Dodgy practitioners.

Sounds pretty serious, right? And let’s not even get started on the cost; that Sh!*t$’s expensive! Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the #youdoyouboo vibe, but if you’re seriously thinking about getting your lips done, you deserve to know the possible consequences and investment your bigger lips are going to be. 

Is there any other way to get a plumper pout without fillers?

Absolutely! Since the ‘big lip’ #trend surfaced, plenty of alternative products have been brought out by companies that aid in achieving fuller-looking lips without the need for injections or filler. These products provide a ‘temporary’ plump pout without the cost, pain or nearly as many side effects. Products like these include lip glosses, lip creams, lip scrubs and lip treatments. 

Our recommendation?

If you’re interested in getting lip fillers or just want larger lips (no judgement here), we would recommend investing in the temporary stuff first. That way you can, A, see if you like the way you look with a bigger pout before doing anything permanent and, B, potentially save a lot of time, pain and money. You may even end up preferring to continually use a temporary product over getting lip fillers for when you just want a little lift to those lips. 

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