2024 = The Skinification Of Your Scalp

If you’re a TikTok fan, you’ve defs come across the ‘skinification’ of the scalp. If you’re not a TikTok fan, you prob have nooo idea what we’re talking about. Either way, get ready to have your mind blown – even if you’re across the trend, there’s much to learn. 

girl rubbing scalp scrub on her scalp

Think back to when you stopped rinsing your face with shower water and got into skincare for real. Caring for the skin on your face was the key to helping it thrive, and that involved more than just a quick wash and moisturise.  

Now, think about your scalp. Just like skin, it loves some TLC, and guess what – the health of your scalp is key to the health of your hair. It all comes down to something called the microbiome. What the hell is that? Well, imagine your scalp is this big rooftop party of bacteria (gross, but bear with us). Everyone’s having a great time, getting along, until too many people from one group of friends show up, and the vibes go totally off. Scalp-wise, this is when you start seeing dandruff, itchiness, excess oil, all the bad stuff. These problems can then lead to rough, brittle hair and even hair loss. 

product on bathroom shelf

The TLC we give the skin on our face helps maintain its microbiome, and it’s actually the same scenario for scalps. A healthy microbiome = hair growth and strong strands. Compromised microbiome = not just dandruff and itchiness, and can lead to brittle strands that seem like they just won’t grow. 

By treating your scalp with love, you can get its microbiome under control. One great way to get started is with a scalp scrub, (like our Scalp Salt Scrub). These are massaged into your scalp before washing. Look for scrubs with Glycolic or Salicylic Acid for serious action on dirt, oil and build-up. Use them every few days or as a weekly day spa for your scalp on ‘everything shower’ day, depending on your scalp’s needs. 

Scalp Scrub

Nourishment is key, too. Using scalp-specific oils and sprays can maintain a healthy balance, reduce dryness and boost hair health. These can be applied morning (Intensive Spray has entered the chat) or night (like our Procapil Hair Tonic) to your roots, helping keep the scalp microbiome thriving. Also, take a look at your diet. Omega-3 (found in stuff like salmon, nuts, and eggs), Omega-6 and antioxidants were found to improve hair health in a 2015 study. 

Giving your scalp a good ol’ massage regularly is a) the best feeling ever and b) really beneficial for scalp health, too. Scalp massages get blood circulation going, which means healthy cell turnover. It’s great to combine a scalp massage (like our Hair Growth Derma Roller) with serum application or when shampooing since you’ll also be getting the product right into the roots. Scalp brushes (hello, to our Scalp Therapy Brush) are another option, and really handy to have on hand in the shower. 

scalp brush

So, if you’re not already onto it, caring for your scalp is so very 2024 vibes. Trust us when we say your hair will thank you. 


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