How To Clean Your Hair Brushes (Bc Yes, You Have To!)

You’re probably very across the fact that you need to keep on top of cleaning your makeup brushes, but did you know your hair brushes also need a deep clean on the regular? Yep, just like your makeup brushes, hair brushes can harbour dirt and bacteria – which, when you think about it, isn’t that surprising. After all, they glide through our hair every day, including those, erm, days when wash day is very much overdue.

How often should I wash my hairbrushes?

Once a month is a good, rough guide for cleaning your hairbrush, but this obviously depends on how often you’re using it. For example, if you have long hair that you style daily, you’re going to notice more loose strands building up between the bristles, and those need removing if you want the brush to do its job effectively. Also, consider the product you use in your hair. If you’re using lots of styling product (especially oil-based or wax-based), you’ll want to clean your brushes more frequently to get rid of buildup.

How do I wash my hairbrush?

To start with, get rid of all the loose hair on the hairbrush pad. For some paddle brushes, you can easily remove them with your fingers. If you’re cleaning a round brush or have stubborn hair that won’t easily lift, carefully cut using nail scissors to detangle hair from the bristles. 

Next, it’s time to clean the brush. We recommend using either a clarifying shampoo or soaking the brush in a mixture of vinegar and water, as vinegar is a natural disinfectant and cleaning agent. You can gently massage cleaning product into the bristles and pad of your brush, although be careful when washing boar bristle brushes, as these sometimes have wooden handles that should not be soaked in water. 

After, leave the brush to air dry, bristles facing down, on a hand towel. 

When should I replace my hairbrushes?

Most advice suggests between six months and a year when it comes to replacing hairbrushes, but again, this depends on how often you use them. From a visual POV, when you have bristles that are bent or broken, or if the pad of the brush is cracked or peeling. These are sure signs you need to replace your brush! 

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