It’s Festival Szn! Here Are Four Of Our Fave Party Hairstyles

Coachella, Stagecoach, Glastonbury… it’s festival season, and that means festival hair! Kinda like party hair but built to last all day (and night) long, the best festival hairstyles are ones that look a little lived-in and work with what the elements throw at you – sweat sesh’s at DJ sets included. If you’re in need of some inspo, we’ve got you. Here are our fave festival hair looks worth replicating!

Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves are soooo easy to do in all hair lengths – yup, even short hair! All you need is our Wave Wand 25mm – apply Heat Protect Spray, then section hair and clamp the wand near your roots for five to ten seconds, then release and clamp the next section down the hair shaft. Continue until your lengths are perfectly wavy! We love this style for festivals because it’s meant to be a little unruly, so all that dancing will only make your vibe cooler! Want extra hold? Spritz our Flex and Shine Hairspray through sections when you finish heat styling, to set waves in place.

Bubble Braid

This is the easiest festival hairstyle ever! It looks way more complex than it is, which is why we love it. To start, Run our Smooth + Set Styling Gel through your roots, and brush hair into a sleek, high ponytail. Then, using thin clear hair ties, or ones the same colour as your hair, tie off the ponytail in two-inch sections, pulling at the tied-off section above to make it “bubble”. Continue until you reach the end of the pony! If you need more texture for the bubbles, dust a little of our Root Boost Volume Powder into the pony before you start sectioning it. This will give grit and hold!

Y2K Braids

If you’ve got bangs you wanna get off your face or just want a cute look that’s easy to do without heat tools, this is a winner! Centre part hair, then take a small section on either side of your face and plait! Done! You can make the look even more Y2K by tying off the top of each plait with some thin ribbon and then plaiting it into the braid, or by weaving in glitter beads – go wild at the craft shop, basically! For the rest of your hair, our tip is to spritz our HG Dry Shampoo into roots and mid-lengths – you’ll soak up excess sweat and oil, and also give day-old waves a volume boost. 


Space Buns

This is the ultimate “desperately need to wash hair” style! Create a centre part, then use Smooth + Set Styling Gel to brush hair in two high ponytails on either side of your head. You want these to sit on either side of the crown of your head, not Princess Leia-style at the side! Then, mist Sea Salt Spray into the two ponytails for grit, and create two plaits out of each (so, four plaits total). Wrap these around each other to create the bun shape, and pin in place using bobby pins. You can also tie them off with colourful scrunchies if you want extra hold and an even spacier look.

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