Catch The Chill Vibe Of Bondi Beach

Your transportation has arrived.

Let yourself be transported to Bondi Beach, Australia, a magical place where every day feels like a vacay. One of the world’s most famous beach destinations and best surfing spots, this iconic stretch of sand is a sun-drenched natural playground known for its turquoise crystal waters, epic waves, golden white sands, sunny weather and tanned & toned surfer hotties.   

Bondi is synonymous with surf. The word Bondi (or Boondi in the local aboriginal language) means the sound of waves crashing over the rocks. Once a privately-owned estate, Bondi Beach opened to the public in 1882 and today attracts up to 3 million visitors each year from every corner of the globe.

But Bondi is more than just a beach. It’s a quality way of life, where the vibe is laid-back, easygoing and friendly and the scene is health-conscious, hip and trendy. Locals live stylish, active lives and enjoy a buzzing social scene as apparent from all the organic cafes, top-notch restaurants, art galleries, bars, vintage shops and trendy boutiques that there are here. All within a stone’s throw of the sea.

Come hang out for a day and get into the lifestyle.  Kick back and catch the feel-good, relaxed beach vibe.  

Bondi is bustling in the morning…from the joggers and strollers to the swimmers and surfers. Wake up early for ‘dawn patrol’, grab a coffee and catch the light breaking through at sunrise, bathing everything in a golden glow. Hit the surf and let the refreshing waves wash away your cares. If you’re new to surfing, take a lesson and experience the rush of catching your first wave. With its great surf breaks, curling waves and award-winning surf schools, Bondi is the perfect place to get on board. Literally.

After lounging in the sun, take a dip in the gorgeous Icebergs pool and swim some Olympic-sized laps. A landmark of Bondi Beach for over 100 years, Icebergs is the most photographed pool in the world.  

Now that you’ve worked up an appetite, sit outside at a vegan sidewalk café and watch the colourful cross-section of surfers, jet-setters, celebrities, hipsters, artists, backpackers, skateboarders, rugby players, yogis, honeymooners and families walk by.

Then, take a stroll along the coastal walk, soaking up the stunning surf views and fresh, clean air. Check out the Graffiti Wall along the promenade, featuring the murals of local and international artists. Bondi is a hub for arts and culture, so get over to the galleries a few blocks away and be inspired by the amazing creativity. 

In the late afternoon, browse the beachside boutiques for an effortlessly chic outfit made from sustainable fabrics. Then head up the hill to Bondi Road, away from the tourists, and stop for a ginger beer.

When the moon lights up the night sky, it’s time to cap off your perfect day in paradise with dinner overlooking the ocean. Life does not get any better than this.


Here in 2018 at Bondi Beach, surrounded by its gleaming natural beauty, healthy, active lifestyle and carefree Aussie spirit, BondiBoost was born out of a need to clean up haircare with natural solutions that leave you loving everything about your hair. What started as a small salon professional hair care line in Australia exploded into a huge global and social phenomenon with over 700,000 followers. 

At Bondi Boost, we continue to make waves across the planet because our products deliver the lush, healthy-looking hair people want with minimal effort. The clean, naturally powerful formulas are packed with nourishing botanicals and essential oils that are sourced locally in Australia.


Like two B’s in a pod, BondiBoost and Bondi Beach go together naturally.  Our home has shaped who we are. Capturing the laid-back attitude of Bondi Beach, our high-performance hair care line is effortless, uncomplicated and hassle-free. We did the hard work of developing transformative hair products that make solving any challenge a breeze -- one less thing for you to stress about.  And like the pristine waters of Bondi, our formulations are clean, natural and soothing. Everything is free of parabens, silicones, sulfates and animal testing, so leave all those worries behind.

As quick to respond as the lifeguards who patrol Bondi Beach, BondiBoost rescues hair from distress and helps guard against the forces that weaken it. For those who sun, surf, colour, wash, style, iron and blow-dry the vitality out of their hair, our rejuvenating blends bring strands back to life, restoring their original beauty.

Embracing the life-is-good mindset of its coastal roots, BondiBoost brings out your best, from your mood to your mane. The products give strands and scalp a noticeable boost for fuller, healthier-looking hair without stress.

Now that you’ve bopped around Bondi for a day (virtually, anyway), you may never want to leave this endless summer paradise. Recapture the vibe every time you BondiBoost.

It’s your ticket to effortlessly beautiful hair.


  • Jan

    Nice article! I actually have been to Bondi Beach and it’s everything that the article says it is! Great place!

  • Denise

    I had no idea that Bondi was an actual place. The description and photos are amazing and I would love to visit someday. Perfect place for the birth of perfect hair care products.

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