Fighting Frizzy Hair: The Best Tips And Tricks

Ever had a great hair day, only for things to go totally south the moment you step outside? Your smooth blowout or perfect coils turn into flyaways and frizz. Ugh. Fighting frizz can feel like a never-ending battle, but there are ways to protect your strands against it happening.

By switching up your routine a little and incorporating some life hack-level products, soft, silky strands can be yours – yup, even when it’s humid, or when you’ve tossed and turned all night. Here are 5 tips for farewelling frizz.

  • Get On That Hydration 

You know how your skin gets seriously out of control when it’s dry? The same goes for your hair. It needs hydration just as much as your skin to stay smooth and frizz-free. Our Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner is packed with fatty acids like Baobab Seed Extract and Argan Oil for this exact reason, so your strands are nourished before you even hit the heat tools. Treating hair to a weekly mask is also a great way to fight frizz. Basically, when in doubt – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

  • Step Away From The Hot Showers

Look, a hot shower is kinda the best feeling ever, but unfortunately dousing your strands with bordering-on-boiling water is not gonna be great for frizz. Hot water easily strips hair of natural oils, and can leave the hair cuticle open which, you guessed it, means a less-than-smooth finish. Love your showers hot? Ideally, lukewarm showers are best, but any dialling down of the temps is gonna be great for your hair. At the very least, finish your hair wash with a cool shot of water to seal the hair cuticle and lock in shine. 

  • Post-Shower Prep Is Key

Firstly, don’t rough-dry hair with your towel – if you don’t end up with a frizzy finish from this, we’ll be shocked! Instead, pat dry or better yet, use a microfibre hair towel like our Quickie Hair Turban, which soaks up excess water without friction. Second, try combing hair in the shower with conditioner in, instead of when it’s damp post-wash. This is especially key if you have waves and curls, as brushing after showering can promote frizz and ruin your curl pattern! Try our Detangle Comb – it’s got wide, smooth teeth for a snag free detangling.

  • Try A Satin Pillowcase

Constantly waking up with frizzy hair? Satin pillowcases have become all the rage for minimising post-sleep hair chaos, and with good reason. Because satin is, well, soft, there’s less friction on your strands as you toss and turn. The result? Less damage to strands, which means less frizz! Another option is a silk turban, which many curly-haired babes will swear by for keeping curls frizz and kink-free.

  • Serums Are Your Friend

There was a time when oil + haircare = the worst concept ever, but thankfully, we’ve come pretty far in our understanding of hair needs! Oil is not your hair’s enemy, in fact, the right oils are going to be super restorative. They’ll prevent frizz and can instantly fix flyaways, so it’s definitely time to take note. That’s why we popped a powerful blend of Argan, Vitamin E, Jojoba and Coconut Oils into our Frizz Fix Serum. Apply it after your shower to smooth out strands before you style or air-dry hair. It’ll seal the cuticle and ramp up moisture. For a quick solution to random flyaways, our Anti Frizz Flyaway Wand is like a serum you can take with you, packed with hair-loving ingredients like Yucca Root Extract and Bamboo Extract for scalp and strand strengthening while also locking down pesky hairs that just won’t stay put.

Ready to take down frizz? Shop our Anti-Frizz collection here.

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