How to Revive Day 3 Hair: Tips, Tricks + Products You Need

 Don’t have time to wash your day-three hair? We’ve all been there. But don’t fret. With the proper techniques and products, you can transform hair that feels limp and maybe a bit greasy to fresh and bouncy! Let’s dive into some solutions to reach that day one hair feel on day three.  

Dry Shampoo: The Holy Grail  

The most crucial product in your day-three hair arsenal is dry shampoo. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new HG Dry Shampoo! Formulated with Rosemary Oil, Rice Starch and Plant-Derived Fatty Acids, it instantly absorbs excess oils and adds volume and shine while invigorating your scalp. Simply spray it onto your roots and massage in with your fingertips for hair that looks and feels clean. 

Sidenote: You may notice a difference between the US and AU versions of our new dry shampoo. And you’re right! The packaging varies due to the different labelling rules of each region. We also formulated each version with a different fragrance - the preferred scent customers voted for in each location. That being said, we included the same key ingredients – Rosemary Oil and Rice Starch to give you an instant refresh and healthier-looking hair! 

Sea Salt Texture Spray: The Beachy Refresh  

Give your day-three hair a breezy, textured and voluminous look that’s stylish and easy with our weightless Sea Salt Texture Spray. Infused with Australian Sea Salt to give your strands body and a matte texture without being sticky for that ‘fresh off the beach’ look.  

To use, spritz a small amount on dry or towel-dried hair from root to tip. For extra volume, just hit your roots.  

Blowout Brush: Smooth + Volumise  

Quickly revive flat day-three strands with our Blowout Brush! It works by smoothing out your hair while adding fullness.  

To achieve a fresh blowout look without washing, blow dry sections of your hair in an upward motion. This will smooth out any kinks and boost volume at your roots! 

Satin Pillowcase: A Night-time Essential  

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase can help prolong the life of your hairstyle, leaving your strands in a better state by the third day. And, compared to cotton, sleeping on a satin pillowcase reduces friction, which means less hair breakage, fewer split ends and no frizzy bedhead.  

The BondiBoost 100% Vegan Satin Pillowcase comes in ivory, grey and a blush pink colour. Both standard and king-size options are available.  

Satin Scrunchies: A Styling Accessory Must-Have  

Satin hair scrunchies are perfect for putting your day-three hair up in a loose bun or ponytail without leaving a mark. Plus, they’ll help you avoid those pesky hair creases and protect your hair from damage. 

Our Scrunchie Gift Pack includes four vegan silk scrunchies and comes in both a nude and pink option. Plus, they make the perfect self-care present for you or a loved one.  

As you can see, reviving day-three hair doesn’t need to be complicated! With the right products and techniques, you can have refreshed and voluminous hair in no time.  

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