Our Top 6 Hair Trend Predictions for 2024

We may not have a crystal ball at BondiBoost HQ, but our team is pretty great at staying on top of haircare trends. That said, here are the top haircare trends we predict will make waves in 2024. Keep reading for some serious #hairspo! 
Girl brushing hair
Hair Prediction #1: Fluffy Hair is Here 
Think big, voluminous locks that command attention. Whether you’re embracing your natural curls or teasing your strands to new heights, 2024 is all about going bigger and bolder. We’re betting on fluffy hair in bouncy blowouts and big textured waves. Sky-high volume is going to be in! 
Hair Prediction #2: It’s All About the Scalp  
In 2024, caring for our scalp will be as important as the strands growing from them. Products that target scalp health, like stimulating shampoos and scrubs, will help promote healthy hair growth and strength. Plus, scalp massages are the ultimate self-care ritual. Wouldn’t you agree?  
Girl using a scalp brush
Hair Prediction #3: 90s Nostalgia  
90s supermodels, here we come! 90s nostalgia will continue with the comeback of the bouncy, voluminous blowout. This retro look channels that decade’s face-framing bangs and teased strands look. We’ll be seeing this glam yet mussed style everywhere.  
Hair Prediction #4: Bows & Barrettes 
Why stop at scrunchies? 2024 will be big on hair accessories like bows, pearl-adorned clips and jewel-encrusted barrettes. These cute and quirky touches dress up any ‘do, so don’t be afraid to get playful! 
Girl with hair bow
Hair Prediction #5: Warm Hues Have More Fun  
When it comes to hair color, we’re betting on rich, warm shades shining through. Think creamy caramels, buttery brondes, golden blondes, and spicy coppers. We’re all for sunny tones and huge fans of this trend!  
girl beachy hair
Hair Prediction #6: Sleek Styles Are Here to Stay 
Don’t worry, slicked back buns and simple structured styles are not going anywhere. Simple and chic will continue to play a big role in our office to happy hour looks. We love to throw some gel or a hair mask into day 3 strands to slick back hair for a shiny, frizz-free finish.  
How are you feeling about these 2024 hair trend predictions? Let us know which ones you’re most excited to try out!   

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