Winter Dry Hair: The Struggle Is Real

Has cold air got your hair begging for nourishment and hydration?
Winter is here, and our hair is feeling it.
Your hair is dry, it’s up in the air with static, and just generally not feeling like itself.
So, why does cold air equal dry hair (and damaged hair if you’re not on top of your haircare)?
Well, chillier winter air naturally holds less moisture than warm air does, so there’s less hydration around for your hair to absorb. You crank up the heat in your house, and that dries out your hair even more. Oh, and those long, hot showers you’re taking? They may be warming your bone-chilled body, but they’re not nourishing a better hair situation. Hot water lifts your hair cuticle and gives frizz an all-access pass. Taming that frizz down means using more hot tools than normal. And if you’re not using your heat protection products properly, you can dry out your already dried out hair even further. And from there, damage is easily done.

5 Ways to Dodge Winter Dryness

Here are our top tips for keeping your hair looking healthy and happy all winter long:

1. Mask Up Once a Week

Immerse your hair in your BondiBoost nourishment infusion of choice every seven days. Let it drink its fill of rich, moisturizing and hydrating ingredients like aloe, Australian Queensland nut oils, shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, PLUS an abundance of ingredients that address your particular haircare need. With 9 different hair masks to choose from, you can choose the perfect mask for your hair goals each week.

2. Hydrate Your Strands & Scalp with a Pre-Shampoo Oil

Parched, dry hair needs a little extra love in the wintertime. One of the best ways to do that is to pre-treat your scalp and hair with a nourishing oil, like our Elixir Hair Oil. It slathers your scalp and strands with the juicy hydration and nourishment that it needs before you shampoo, to prevent frizz, repair damage, and lock in moisture.

Shop The Elixir Hair Oil

3. Find Your System for Nourishing Without Stripping 

With a haircare system made for your particular hair type, you can nourish and hydrate your strands in various symbiotic ways, without stripping it of natural oils.

The Bondi Boost Rapid Repair System is ideal for damaged hair with split ends. It’s clinically proven to improve split ends by 86% after 1 use.* How? It’s formulated with Polycare® Split Therapy Technology (a patented ingredient derived from Guar to repair split ends) and Australian Queensland Nut Oil & Coconut Oil to moisturize and seal cuticles to repair and prevent split ends. For starters.

*Based on an in vitro study of bleached hair when using a 3 step Rapid Repair System with shampoo, conditioner, and serum

4. Sleep on Satin

A satin pillowcase is a game changer when it comes to dry, static-crackling hair. It reduces friction, so you have less trouble with tangles, breakage, and even skin creases. (What? Wrinkle prevention? Sign us up.) BondiBoost has 3 different colours in 3 different sizes so you can easily find one that works for your head and your bed!

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5. Manage The Heat

When you find yourself reaching for your hot tools, reach for your heat protection first.  No need to pull precious hydration out of your hair, and cause unnecessary damage. Our Heat Protect Spray defends your hair up to 450°F (that’s 232.22 °C for us in Australia) and it’s clinically proven to improve split ends by 86% after 1 use*.

*Based on an in vitro study of bleached hair


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